Open The World of Onsite Gambling with Omnia Casino

If you want to find the best casino you can play in you maybe should be more specific in your needs as there are many outstanding online casinos that offer wonderful websites and apps for the users from all over the globe that are still do not fit everyone and remain really different.

The Omnia Casino is just a good example of such a service that may not fit everybody but will be extremely valuable asset for those who like gambling in a safe and secure manner with a guarantee of winning prize and covering at least part of your losses.

Thus, this review is up to tell the gamblers all over the world about all those benefits a player gets from the moment one has signed up to the online casino and made his first login from the mobile device or PC – that doesn’t really matter as the casino is really mobile optimized and this is going to be disclosed in details as well further.

We are going to start our review from the support service description as surprisingly this was almost the first feature I have faced when entered the online casino and tried to create an account. however, do not hesitate to make bad conclusions, everything ends good and even shows how outstanding the online support can be in the casino.

Live Chat Support

What is not so good about the casino Omnia is the fact that here you won’t find an immediate response from the live chat support. As I have tried it has to take as much as 90 seconds to get a response from the support agent and that is longer than in some casinos, however, that is much faster that in the majority of them.

Though the widget that is realized on the has a little surprise inside as you can choose among several support languages which is the feature I hardly meet in any other online casinos:

  • English
  • German
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish

There are also other European languages that are going to be added to the casino Omnia support and that is marvellous as not all of the players are from Canada or US and know English well.

It is likely you won’t need a support as everything is really easy on the website, however, I got unlucky once when I was creating my account. When I passed the registration process almost to the end (which was rather easy though) I have stuck on my attempts to confirm the phone number.

The problem was that it took too much time for the SMS to arrive to my phone and as a result when I entered the confirmation code it wasn’t valid anymore. This is what I have understood later, but at that moment I just thought there were some issues on the website. However, when I contacted the support and explained them the problem I got an advice to try to sign up to the website again which I have followed.

On my second attempt it was alright and I managed to create an account promptly – it looks like the problem was in my phone operator that did not push the SMS on time at my first attempt.

Anyway, although I had a problem with registration the support has quickly responded and solved my issue in several messages, so I am rather satisfied with the quality of their work, although I’ve seen some support services via the live chat that managed to respond quicker.


The promotions of the Omni Casino are intended to motivate users gamble more and rewards those of them who show the highest activity. Here you can find a couple of unique features you will hardly see in other online casinos in Canada and that is one of the reason why we have chosen this casino as a subject of review.

For the majority of online casinos the promotions are standard and only differ from each other with the amount of funds credited to your account, quantity of free spins or presence of no deposit bonuses. At this casino you can find something more than just a list of promo codes you have already met hundreds of times in other casinos and the only bonus code that can be called a regular here is the welcome pack with all its free spins granted to players for creating a login in a service and making a first deposit.

Unlike the majority of other casinos the OmniaCasino has enforced its own type of the rewarding system with the built-in store which we are going to review in the sections and that has a great impact on the essence of the promo codes provided to users – both for the new ones and those who are playing in casino for the long time.

In case you want to find out more whether bonus codes here are worth of being considered or are they competitive enough when comparing to those provided by other casinos read this section thoroughly as we are going to give you a brief description of each bonus code available in the casino.

As already told above there is a welcome pack which has no real difference with the ones you were dealing with in other casinos. However, it is not about granting you a no deposit bonus, though it is close enough. Anyway, it should be considered as an option as you can find it valuable for this casino.

You also can consider another promo code which is about giving a chance to win 100 000 coins – which is an internal currency used to make in-shop purchases here – a feature that is really unique for the casino as you hardly can meet another with such an offer to players in Canada.

At last, you can apply for daily jackpots promotions which is becoming a trend of 2021 due to the fact there are so many casinos there just like trying to find a way to attract as many players as possible with the frequent events and tournaments.

If you want to know about these propositions in details just look at the sections below and off we go.

Welcome Package

The welcome bonus of the Omnia Casino was developed in order to attract those who are fond of slots and you can see that the main thing you get when qualifying for the welcome bonus is 100 free spins for the one of the most popular games especially when it comes to marketing campaigns – Book of Dead. Note that this bonus is now eligible for 2021 and can change in future.

Unlike the other online casinos that provide you with an opportunity to play free games on slots machines, here you get all the spins in a single day, not like you are getting 20 spins per day for 5 days. This is huge advantage as you get as much as possible at once which means you can use these spins to exploit long-term gambling strategies. Make sure you use those spins as fast as possible as those expire in 7 days, so in order to prevent losing your bonus code just play with these spins at first.

You should know that the free spins are wagered by 10x, so that means that if your bets have made 1 Euro per spin and 100 euros in general you need make bets on 1000 Euros in order to be able to make a withdrawal of your winning. however, the good news are that you are not obligated to have any upper limits on the winnings, so you can win any sum you want with these free spins.

The minimum deposit possible in order to qualify the promo code requirements makes 20 Euros – in case you manage to make a first deposit that exceeds this sum you will get as much as 100 free spins credited for your Book of Dead gambling activities immediately.

You also should know that this is not the only benefit you get from activating the welcome bonus – you also can apply for a chance to win as much as 100 000 coins which is going to be disclosed in details in the next section. For now you need to know that you get a chance to collect a loyalty card which is like a lottery ticket that allows you to participate in a draw with a 100 000 coins draw.

In order to collect a loyalty card you need stamps and stamps are collected if you have gained a coin which is the main internal currency in the online casino Omnia.

Here you just need to show the day-today activity in the slots and any other games and undergo the wager requirement each day – it is pointed out in each day how much activity you need to show in order to get a coin, and each coin is a stamp and three stamps equal one loyalty card which is your chance to win the biggest jackpot in your life.

Anyway, we are off to move to the next section where you are going to have a detailed information on coins, stample, loyalty card and the way you can use them.

Win 100 000 Omnia Coins

There are many online casinos along with the Omnia Casino that are launching kind of tournaments and draws in order to motivate players gamble more and some of those make successful attempts, and other do not. That is the reason why there are so many options and different approaches to lotteries, draws and tournaments and that is the reason why we write so many reviews on so many casinos.

The approach shown by this casino is about giving you a chance to win an internal currency of the service which you can use to make internal purchases and get valuable prizes. Here all you need to do is just register in the online casino and make your first deposit.

Once you manage to do this you will get your first bonus code and then you can start your way to getting your chances of winning as much as 100 000 coins.

In order to do that all you need to manage with is getting a completed loyalty card, and that is done in case you show high activity rate. Just get three coins each day, exchange them to stamps and then you will get your card completed and once you get the card completed you are eligible for participation in the greatest tournament of the casino.

If you have already played in other casinos you may have seen some of them that have a different approach to the online draws. Most of them provide you with an opportunity to win small sums or small bonus codes that do not really affect your gambling experience, however, the approach of the Omnia Casino is completely different – you are eligible to win a huge jackpot at once and that is an outstanding opportunity for all of those who want to take a big win.

Once you have completed the loyalty card just wait until the draw takes place and take your chances to win the biggest prize. However, that doesn’t mean only the first place players are going to be rewarded – you also can claim 1 000 or 100 coins in case you are not lucky enough to take the jackpot, but lucky enough to get at least something except the excitement from this tournament.

Daily Jackpots

Those who like the secret codes that are available only for the most attentive and loyal gamblers are going to be pleased by the fact that Casino omnia has made it all to satisfy players with such unusual demands.

Actually, when you deal with the slots in this casino you may not know that some of them are granting players with the daily jackpots and that is something one needs to know in order to choose right games to play that are giving really high chances of becoming victorious.

Just imagine that there are given out each day x5000 jackpots for the players that show loyalty to playing in slots machines and that is what you can miss if you ignore the opportunity to register in the online casino Omnia.

Unlike the majority of other casinos that motivate players to gamble slots using grey methods with all those tournaments with tiny prizes that are not usually about granting you with cash, the OmniaCasino has provided all the slots enthusiasts with a chance to win huge sums on a daily basis and this is the reason one should gamble here if loving slots.

This kind of an offer is worth of all secret codes in other online casinos as it allows you to get a direct win without any kind of tricky conditions, limitations and other features that are enabled in order to lower your winning chances and thus a gambling experience as well.

Responsible Gambling Policy Enabled

Unlike the majority of other online casinos that only make a look like they concern about the responsible gambling policy the casino Omnia has made it all to provide the gamblers with a safe and very secure environment to gamble in without negative consequences.

Here you can easily contact the support and ask an agent to limit your gambling activity in several ways and you won’t be asked about anything – your request will be just executed and thus the casino will make it all to make your stay here full of joy and positive emotions.

Along with that an administration has provided a test for the gamblers which is up to figure out whether you are at the risk zone and whether you really shuld gamble or have any issues with the control.

The list of questions above is about to show you the marker in case you should limit your gambling activity or just finish gambling once and for all. It is a good act made by the administration which shows they care about people who play there and that is why one has to pay attention to this online casino as well along with all those outstanding features we have already described in this review.

Omnia Store

I have met a great amount of casinos out there which offer users useless coupons, unfair VIP club memberships and many other kinds of promotions that cannot be really used for good of the majority of players. However, when I saw the kind of the promo codes provided by the OmniaCasino I understood that there can be another way to rewarding the loyal players.

Yes, what you see on this picture is an internal store of the service where you can exchange your coins you have wagered with your gambling activity on the things you really need. Just consider that – the casino makes you collecting coins and then offers you something really valuable for them.

as far as I know the common approach to points like this which are earned for playing casino games are usually used to improve your status or increase your level in casino as a player and then exchange those on additional perks or even cash. However, when you see the offers provided in the casinos with such an approach enabled you always notice that there is always a bad exchange rate which doesn’t allow you to get significant benefits from collecting that points.

The OmniaCasino coins on the opposite are valuable enough to be exchanged on some material things you can really need and moreover, even if you did not manage to collect the sufficient sum of coins to exchange them on the valuable things you can win those in the 100 000 tournament which means you are guaranteed to get any prizes.

No really with this points you get a guarantee of getting at least something no matter how much lucky you were in the casino. As we know the fortune is not something stable and you really can lose in the casino – such things happen, however, when you get coins that you can easily exchange you get a guarantee that your losses won’t go for nothing – and that is what have never been promised or provided in other online casinos I have dealt with.

So in the internal shop you can choose what you want – it could the branded snickers or British Airways Voucher or any other valuable coupon – just anything you want.

Mobile Gambling

No matter whether you enter the website via your PC or mobile phone – the first thing you see each time you do that is this element in the left-upper corner of the screen.

That sign means that you have entered the mobile optimized website as that is how the menu bar is realized on sites that are intended for mobile use. Thus, you can be really calm about your options when you prefer mobile gambling with the OmniaCasino.

However, you won’t see an app here and there is nothing to download – neither an expansion for Chrome or a Desktop app for your PC – no matter what kind of device you are using you still need to enter the website on your Pc to play games here and use all of the other valuable features provided by this service.

The login process, promos and all other features for the mobile version of the website are completely the same so the only thing that can affect your choice is your device preferences not any other factors as the website is also available for the users from the majority of the countries in the world including Canada.

Our Rating

I know how hard it can be to make thorough and objective evaluation of the online casino when there are so many parameters to analyze and there is no one point which you should start from to treat all the casinos evenly. However, we have made an attempt to provide you with a fair review that would be good enough for you to make a good decision on whether to create an account on this casino without no deposit bonuses or not.

In order to cope with that task we have decided to divide our impressions on two parts – first impression and the deep study as for example, when it comes to the support my first impression was much worse than the results of the deep study and that is the problem of this online casino Omnia. Usually, the features that are enabled here seem worse than they are really due to the fact those are realized in design not so good. However, when you try to study out the functionality and features realized you are being positively surprised by the quality of work done.

Thus, after the thorough study I have came to a conclusion that this online casino is surely worth of being considered as an option when you make a choice among the great amount of the online gambling facilities in Canada in 2021.

The thing is that although here you won’t find a great amount of the valuable promo codes the gambling process is very well organized and you really feel the spirit of gambling with all these games presented in the category section and the fact that here you can get a guaranteed prize which you can use for your good with that coins system enabled is also talking in advantage of the casino.

There is no reason to avoid the fact that the OmniaCasino won’t fit everybody. If you have got used to the online casinos with plenty of promotions on each game or type of activity the is definitely not the best choice for you.

If you like when in the casino there are many bright colors and you cannot take the look on some free space on the background then you are likely to feel kind of uncomfortable when you browse the casino interface.

If you got used to the great amount of the side effects and activities in the casino, then this casino is either not the best choice for you.

however, in case you value gamble and client-oriented approach of the support and like the process itself – the Omnia Casino is one of the options you surely need to consider when making a choice as here you can find all of this and in our reating this casino always remains.

Russell Talley