A Very Special Play Ojo Casino Review

If you are tired from the great amount of casinos that look similar and if you want to find the one with the revolutionary approach to customer service and satisfying your demands than you have came for the right place as Ojo casino is surely the website you should try out.

Here you can find generous welcome offers, outstanding VIP program and a great amount of rewards which is even hard to enlist. If you are up to seek for something new everyday here you can get along with a great amount of activities, bonus codes and offers that can engage you and make you play many hours in a row just because it is so good and rewarding here.

Thus, we are going to start from the promotions section. I have made many studies on various casinos to figure out those with the best promo codes available, however, here in the ojocasino I have found out a new approach to rewarding players which is going to be disclosed in several section in this review. Actually, the promo codes and benefits players can get will be the main subject of this article and we are going to provide with the full list of advantages you get as a user of the playojo.com website.

It has to be mentioned that all the benefits you are offered are available only after the registration process is completed and due to the fact it is fast and simple there is no chance you will have any issues with that.


There are many casinos I have seen and the majority of them look very similar to each other because the founders did not do a thing to make them kind of unique. Due to this reason it can be hard to choose a casino sometimes if you do not pay attention to the promo codes the casino offers to players.

Usually, there is a standard pack for the majority of the casinos and all you are looking is the website where you get the most profitable bonus codes with the bigger sums or a greater amount of free spins or with presence of no deposit bonuses. That is what we usually do when surfing along the internet.

However, when looking for the bog numbers many people forget about the importance of other kinds of indicators like the wager enables, the presence of limitations for cashout, the games that bonus codes granting free spins or real money are eligible for – and thus it appears that the offer that you treated like the one giving you outstanding advantages is for real not more than just a tricky hook which has the only purpose to attract and make you cash in the deposit without giving anything valuable in exchange.

This is the problem you are probably not going to meet in the ojocasino as here you get fair bonus codes in exchange of your activity or from the moment you get signed up to the website www.playojo.com.

There is no way you can get fooled by this casino as there is everything done to provide with safe and secure atmosphere with a great amount of very beneficial and valuable promo codes that were designed with thoughts of making the casino even more client-oriented.

On the top of the list there are always the things you should like the most and what you like the most is getting benefits and advantages for nothing so things like no deposit bonuses are very popular in some casinos and here at the ojocasino you get something – a welcome pack with free spins going in the package.

After the moment you have used the first bonus code for being a new player you are eligible to apply for other bonus codes that are provided on the daily basis – it is called a Kicker in the casino ojo – here you get as much as a great amount of daily offers and we are going to review this in details in the sections below.

After you have finished with the daily bonus you may be interested how to spend the money you get and how to use the advantages you were granted with in a best way. Well, here there is something that always comes to a help – tournaments that are provided on the daily basis with huge and small prizes – and that is what can vary your gambling process and give you even more excitement and improvement of the gambling experience quality.

You shouldn’t also forget about the VIP program which is enforced here – it is really developed to show which of the players are the most dedicated and loyal to the brand and all of them get outstanding prizes and rewards as often as possible thus you have all the reason to participate in the VIP program which called an A-list here as membership in this club is really valuable.

You also should consider the ojocasino mini games enabled to give you even more promo codes on outstanding benefits and bonus funds that you can use to improve your winning chances – all of these is going to be reviewed in details in the sections below so stay with us if you want to know why exactly you should consider the www.playojo.com.

Welcome Package

The welcome bonus of the ojocasino is a coupon code which you can use to redeem as much as 50 free spins from the beginning. These spins can be used to win real cash on the slot machines – and there are no limits for the withdrawal times like in other online casinos.

To be specific in the majority of the casino when you get free spins you need to wager them in order to get an opportunity the funds you have won and here there are no such requirements at all. You can use the free spins you have gained to play free games and there is no maximum cashout or any other restrictions that make such coupon codes useless.

Actually this is something like a no deposit bonus that doesn’t depends on the amount of the funds you have cashed in. You can make a payment of as much as 10 Euros and redeem your coupon with the 50 free spins and that is more than you could count on in the majority of the casinos that demand from you to make an initial deposit of 100 or even 500 Euros to get something valuable instead.

Those who use the welcome coupon code should be aware of the fact that each free spin worths 0.10 Euros, and you can use them to win on slots machines and play as much as 50 free games.

In 2021 you won’t find many online casinos with the same approach the ojo casino has and these are good news for all those who have created a login on this website.

The only problem is that you cannot apply for this bonus code in case you live in a Northern Ireland, however, if you live in any other country of the UK or the world you are completely eligible for this promo codes.


After you have used your welcome bonus there is always a chance to get something more from the ojo casino and here I am talking about an opportunity to get bonus code with various benefits on a daily basis.

Unlike the majority of other casinos that provide players with zero value coupon codes the playojo.com has made it all to bring as much promos as possible. There are no limitations to the number of Kickers you can use for your own good – there is only one condition you need to follow – each bonus code here is eligible 24 hours and then it is replaced by the other one so make sure you have subscribed to the newsletter in English launched by the ojo casino – in such a case you will never miss a valuable offer even if you do not play everyday.

The bonus codes that are provided by the daily kickers can include:

  • Bonus cash – this is real money which you can credit on your balance without any restrictions. You can spend on any kinds of activities available in the casino if nothing other is pointed out in the terms and conditions of the offer. Usually this bonus is all about doubling your deposit or granting you with a no deposit bonus which you need to wager.
  • Free spins – free spins are the most frequently met bonus code in the casinos in 2021 and the reason is simple – the slots are the most popular games in all the casinos from Australia to Canada and that is the reason why the majority of gamblers are seeking for the websites that provide them with a great amount of free spins and in casino ojo you can find such a service on a daily basis.
  • Doubling points – the points that are doubled are used to promote you and upgrade your level in the A-list which we are going to talk in details about in the sections below – it is a very valuable thing for those who want to improve their membership and get even more exclusive promo codes and benefits for the top players.
  • Participation in special events – these events are closed from all other players and are only available under specified conditions and you get these conditions qualified if you do not miss the corresponding kicker.

Anyway, the what you need to remember about the Kicker that it is a unique promotions section for the gambling industry in the 2021 where you can bonus codes and other perks on the daily basis, and that is the reason you should consider the casino ojo one more time.

Ojo’s Reel Spinoffs

The Ojo’s Reel Spinoffs are something that is called to be tournaments in other online casinos. Just like everything on outstanding www.playojo.comOjo’s A-Listers

The Ojo’s A-Listers are the most reputable, the most loyal and the most rewarding gamblers in the casino that made something more than a regular login and playing games that are presented in the category section of playojo.com – that is for sure.

The majority of these gamblers are being chosen due to the high activity to enter the VIP club started by the ojoj administration which has made it all to provide a really rewarding system for loyalty.

Unlike the majority of other casinos that have launched VIP program here you do not need to get points or some nuisance like that as you are being truly assessed by the managers of the online casino manually – and that is why here you can count for a real fair treatment which you will never meet in any other casino that you have been playing in.

The thing about the ojo’s A-listers is the fact according to terms of the program all those who have became members of this club can shout bingo as they will be treated in a special way by the casino administration forever.

It is not so hard to get engaged in the process – all you need to do is to show high activity rate when you gamble here, just participate in the daily Kicker offers, play and win in tournaments, use all the promo codes offered and play as often as you can – and the higher is your activity the more are the chances you will get a ticket to the best VIP club that has ever been created in the 2021.

Most of the users do not understand that and still prefer the casinos that have VIP clubs with the clarified points system when you need to collect a specified amount of points in order to claim the prescribed benefits – all they get when climbing up that hill is nothing more than an illusion of being treated in a special way as they all framed in the terms and conditions of the loyalty program they participate.

It is completely opposite in the ojo casino where your activity is being evaluated by the manager manually and you are being rewarded with the prizes and offers you really need – that is called a personalized service which is surely a VIP feature realized on the playojo.com.

If we make a full list of benefits that are provided to the members of the A-List there are going to be many things to consider for the player so we will only describe a few of them. At first you are going to get a personalized support manager that will be dealing with your requests, issues and problems if any arise – that is a kin of personalized service provided only for the elite gamblers in the casino.

The second thing you are going to benefit from is the fact you will get an opportunity to make higher bets and play really major games in the casino and that is much more than anyone else can count on considering the fact that the amount of the withdrawal you are eligible will increase as well. As a little bonus in addition to that you are also going to get a faster withdrawal as your requests will be prioritized and at the moment when other players need hours or even days to get their cash arrived you will have to wait minutes – that is another one outstanding benefit you get if you join the A-Listers club.

There is no way you are going to find a casino with such an approach in 2021 in any country from New Zealand to England, so the ojocasino is really one of the best in the UK. In order to show you how generous the casino is when it comes to the payouts just look at the amount of the cashbacks the players that participate in this program get on the daily basis:

Yes, that is more than you could ever count for in any other online casino and that is the reason why or anybody else should consider the playojo.com website as a place to gamble in.

Ojo Plus

There is another outstanding promo launched by the playojo.com which you are going to love for sure – here you can get a cashback you have never seen before for real. Unlike the majority of the casinos the ojo casino has launched a truly transparent and clarified program for those who want to get their cash back from the each game they play.

You have sure delat with the casinos that promise you to send you money back once you manage to qualify kind of terms. and usually these cashbacks are insignificant and there are too much terms to qualify in order to apply them, and here in the ojo casino you do not need to comply any of the demands that you see in other services, you do not need to wager the cashback you get on your account – nothing of that is needed as the OJO Plus is all about giving you as much cashback as possible for free.

Once you have applied for the cashback you can withdraw these funds immediately from your balance and there is not need to think about any kinds of withdrawal limits or wagers that you need to comply – only your money.

Moreover, when you play any of the games presented in the Ojo category section you can see how much exactly you are going to get back on your account while you play – so you can choose the games with the greatest payback. That is the reason why Ojo casino has the highest payout rate among all other casinos we have met for years of studying the industry.

Ojo Wheel

Although the points system is not applied for the VIP club of the ojocasino there are still levels and points which display the overall activity of the player in the casino games, thus you still can be rewarded for the progress in this scope and you can be rewarded with really valuable perks, benefits and promo codes.

That is the purpose of the Ojo Wheel which was designed to bring the most valuable and loyal players as much joy as possible with this mini game that is intended to make you feel more respected and this allow to show the casino how caring it really is concerning its clients.

I have already seen such a mini game in other casinos in 2021 and I can see that it is one of the best ways to reward players with cash, free spins or other kinds of prizes, especially when it is done after the moment you reach some kind of an achievement that is valuable enough to be pointed out.

When you reach a new level or just get a new achievement you are offered to play this game and spin the wheel and the moment it stops spinning you will find out which kind of the reward you can count for and there are 3 wheels here you can spin. The higher is your level the better wheel with the more generous prizes you can spin at once, so it is really worthy to climb up high the casino hierarchy and get as high level as you can.

Ojo Club

The Ojo Club membership is the most valuable thing you get in a casino besides the outrageous jackpots you can win here. The thing is that the membership allows you to get a great amount of various bonus codes and promos that are all about improving your gambling experience dramatically, and it is all about recognizing and rewarding your loyalty to the brand.

Although there are many casinos that also have launched some kind of clubs, you won’t find any of them with such outstanding offers and by the way you cannot be downgraded in this community as all the rights and privileges you get in the casino are immune to that and act on the permanent basis so it would be a good idea for any gambler in the world to consider this outstanding place as an option no matter what.


In this detailed review about the casino ojo we haven’t described only one feature – the fantastic optimization of the website which allows you to experience smooth gambling process no matter what kind of the device used for playing – it could be either mobile device or your powerful PC – that just doesn’t matter.

Thus, if you are looking for an app to play in the casino with your smartphone you should know that you do not really need to do that as here you can enjoy the responsive design and stable performance via the browser.

I should underline that my experience of mobile gambling in the ojocasino is perfect as I had no issues with the games or any pages loading up – the only difference is that it is far more convenient to play games like roulette or other table games on the PC, while when you play slots the mobile phone is better, so I would recommend to consider that when you choose a device and a game to play.

At last, it should be said also that there after I have made such a great amount of researches, there are not so many casinos left I could top rate in 2021, so the ojo casino is surely worth considering.

Russell Talley